About SANP

What is Saskatchewan Association of Nurse Practitioners (SANP)?

SANP is a non-profit, volunteer-run, professional organization that supports and advances the professional interests of its membership nurse practitioners, nurse practitioner students, and nurses who have an interest in the NP practice enabling NPs to provide accessible, efficient and effective healthcare that meets the highest standards of practice across the NP practice.

Additionally, we support NP education by sponsoring educational opportunities pertinent to all streams of NP practice in Saskatchewan.


A nurse practitioner available to all residents of Saskatchewan.


Saskatchewan Association of Nurse Practitioners (SANP) will be the cohesive voice of all Nurse Practitioners in Saskatchewan by promoting and advancing Nurse Practitioner roles. In collaboration with stakeholders, SANP will resolve inequities and in doing so contribute to the quality of life and health of communities.


  • Knowledge based professionals providing excellence in health care
  • Membership engaged in their professional future
  • Honest, transparent partnerships to deliver equal access to health care to all SK residents


  • To influence legislation, regulation and policy to enhance the capacity of Nurse Practitioners to contribute to healthcare.
  • To promote awareness of Nurse Practitioners roles in the health care system and with the public to ensure the role is understood, respected and optimized.
  • To promote and foster excellence in Nurse Practitioner practice.
  • In partnership with stakeholders, influence government and other health care professionals on critical health issues which affect the well-being of the people of Saskatchewan.

What is a nurse practitioner? 

  • An NP is a registered nurse (RN) with additional education in health assessment, diagnosis and management of illnesses and injuries, including prescribing drugs. Grounded in the nursing profession's values, knowledge, theories and practice, the NP role complements other health care providers and is seen as an invaluable support to health care teams.
  • NPs provide a range of health services to individuals of all ages, families, communities and groups with a focus on promoting health and preventing illness. They work collaboratively with other health professionals such as family physicians, registered nurses, therapists, nutritionists, social workers and pharmacists.
  • They can provide care in diverse health care settings, from community clinics and health care centres, to hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes and home care. They are able to diagnose and treat common illnesses and prescribe medications within specific standards and conditions as outlined in their respective provincial and territorial legislation.
  • More and more, NPs are recognized as a solution to improving timely public access to quality health care. Nurse practitioners complement traditional hospital and physician services and can help alleviate current gaps and waiting times in the health care system, especially in rural and remote communities.” (Canadian Nurse Practitioner Initiative, 2005).


History of Nurse Practitioners in Saskatchewan




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