November SasKNOW NP

Submitted by Tracy Daigneault



Well the name Della Magnusson is a familiar one to many of us. Della is a Nurse Practitioner at the West Side Clinic in Saskatoon. She serves on numerous health related and community committees and her practice encompasses many areas: Neonatal, Adults, Women’s and Primary Health Care. The clinic is a very busy inner city family centred practice serving marginalized people. Della specializes in women health, HIV and Hep C positive prenatal clients.  Della also works many hours of the Primary Health mobile bus in Saskatoon that serves the inner city and many of the same people she sees at West Side clinic.

Della advances the NP profession through her commitment to her patients and her consistent provision of excellent care. Della is a leader in prenatal care and has been instrumental in positive outcomes for this challenging population. Through her commitment and caring, many of her HIV positive patients have been able to deliver HIV negative babies. This is a trail blazing success, not only in Saskatchewan, but nationwide.  She serves on the steering committee for the HIV strategy and is a specialist in this area, receiving referrals from many other providers in the community.

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Della is described by many as hard working, compassionate, knowledgeable and kind. Della is well known to her patients and colleagues and is held in high regard by all. Della also shares her expertise as a mentor to NP students. In addition, she has volunteered her time and skills internationally in both Africa and Peru. We are honored to have Della as our fellow Nurse Practitioner.