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SANP is a non-profit, volunteer-run, professional organization that supports and advances the professional interests of its membership — NPs, NP students, and nurses who have an interest in the NP practice.

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Exciting New Changes on the Horizon for Saskatchewan Nurse Practitioner Programs

Recently the University of Regina and SIAST team announced that they will be starting a new Collaborative Nurse Practitioner Program (CNPP) to meet the community needs for increased numbers of nurse practitioners.   The first enrollment for this online program will begin September of 2014 and is limited to 15 students.

Applicants to CNPP must be registered nurses with at least two years of experience. They can complete the program in two years as full-time students, or over four years part time. Like the University of Saskatoon NP Program, graduates of this program will be prepared at the master’s level. The online format is specifically geared to maximize program access to all of our nurses, central, rural and remote.


 A possible hope of this collaboration could be the future expansion of a bridging program for Saskatchewan NP certificate holders to Master’s Degree. This program is currently not in design. While there is no mandate in Saskatchewan that NPs be prepared at the masters level, there are a number of provinces where this is a requirement. This will lead to increased portability for certificate trained NPs needing to relocate to other provinces.