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Congratulations! Nurse Practitioners Achieve Formal Recognition as Primary Care Providers by Workers Compensation Board

By Debbie Bathgate

As of February 1, 2013, SK Workers Compensation Board newly recognized RN(NP)s as Primary Care Providers both formally and legally. An online manual describes the NPs scope of practice and accountability for providing the service. 

Following three years of informal recognition as Primary Care Providers for WCB, audits of NP's WCB assessments, treatments and follow up demonstrated high quality care. Chris Drobert, Manager of WCB healthcare services provided accolades, “Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board has been extremely pleased with the quality of the RN(NP)s reports and service provided to the WCB clients. WCB would like to thank the SK RN(NP)s on your excellence in developing and supporting Return to Work Programs for WCB clients. Great work !! ”

RN(NP)'s should carefully review pages 758-775 of the online manual. http://www.wcbsask.com/WCBPortalWeb/ShowProperty?nodePath=/WCBRepository/pdfs/PolicyManual

This outlines the individual RN(NP)'s accreditation process, role, responsibilities, and privileges. Of happy note is that RN(NP)s have been granted the same fee schedule as physicians.

Thanks to all my NP colleagues for your excellent work piloting the WCB Primary Care Providers role!