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Changes to Traffic Safety Act involve Nurse Practitioners: a Privilege and Responsibility

by Debbie Bathgate

May 4, 2012 Saskatchewan Traffic Safety Act was amended to recognize the education and skill of both Nurse Practitioners and Occupational Therapists required to identify potentially medically unsafe drivers. This expands on the past when only physicians and optometrists were considered duly qualified practitioners required to report to SGI any driver who has a medical condition that makes driving potentially dangerous. Now the definition of a duly qualified medical practitioner for the purpose of Section 283 of the Traffic Safety Act includes Nurse Practitioner.

Implementation of the expanded privilege for Nurse Practitioners was effective June 30, 2012. With this privilege comes the legal responsibility to identify potential medically unsafe drivers, and report them to SGI.

Nurse Practitioners also have new authority to complete SGI requested medical forms. Look for continuing education on assessing fitness to drive being developed soon.