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Is Charge Pay Applicable to NP practice



by Debbie Bathgate

Did you know that after a successful grievance by an RN(NP) in SUN, that other RN(NP)'s have also been awarded charge pay?  Could this also apply to you?


 SUN member NP's have a history of repeatedly asking for charge pay from their managers and being denied.  The reason given was that charge pay was incorporated into the NP wage scale and/or the NP premium.  However, in charge pay may be applicable to you.

 In November 2011, using the SUN grievance process, an RN(NP) who works in a small primary clinic  successfully began receiving In Charge Pay.  Hearing about this, I put my situation in writing and copied the email to everyone connected.  I was granted charge pay effective the date I requested it.  Not only me, but all the primary care NP's in Saskatoon Health Region in similar roles were also granted charge pay effective the same date.

 The article from the SUN/SAHO collective agreement this is applicable to is:


9.1        Charge Pay shall be paid for the co-ordination of Unit activities on a ward, Unit or Facility/Agency. Where a nursing supervisor is not on duty on the ward, Unit or in the Facility/Agency, or she is not available to co-ordinate the Unit activities or an assignment is made, an Employee shall be designated “In Charge” of the ward, Unit or Facility/Agency and paid a premium of one dollar and ninety cents ($1.90) per hour effective date of signing the collective agreement. Charge pay shall be applicable to all positions where the Employee has been designated in charge.

9.2        The premiums referred to in 9.01 above shall be in addition to any other premium pay so stipulated in other Articles of this Agreement.

 In addition to the collective agreement defending the right to charge pay for RN(NP) work done without a supervisor on site, the SHR internal documents describing charge nurse duties and responsibilities even more strongly support the grievance of Article 9 in SUN/SAHO collective agreement.

 If Article 9 - In Charge Pay might apply to you, ask for it in writing or talk to your ERO on the duty roster.

In Charge Pay Applicable to NP practice