SANP Affirms Canadian Nurses Association Oct. 17, 2011 News Release

by Debbie Bathgate RN(NP)

Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) today launched a campaign to educate Canadians that Nurse Practitioners (NP's) can improve access to primary healthcare. This campaign supports SANP's vision “A nurse practitioner available to all residents of Saskatchewan.”

SANP supports and advances the professional interests of its membership nurse practitioners, nurse practitioner students, and nurses who have an interest in the NP practice enabling NPs to provide accessible, efficient and effective healthcare that meets the highest standards of practice across the NP practice.

SANP values honest,transparent partnerships to deliver equal access to health care to all SK residents. SK has about 133NP's, most of whom are primary care nurse practitioners in family practice. To read the CNA news release click the link here Media Release. Their website provides tools that you can use to advance the NP role.