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NPs Contribute to PHC Redesign in Saskatchewan

NPs Contribute to PHC Redesign in Saskatchewan             

by Debbie Bathgate RN(NP)

 Beginning with the Patient First Review evidence in January 2011, Saskatchewan Health used grass roots and intersectoral participation to create an innovative framework for Primary Health Care (PHC) Redesign.  “NPs had a significant representation in the process,” said Vikki Smart RN, Primary Care Manager, Saskatoon Health Region, “and managers facilitated NP participation as leaders.”  Lynn Digney Davis RN(NP), Chief Nursing Officer, Ministry of Health, said, “NPs were invited to and attended every session at each level (of development of the PHC Redesign framework).  There was a concerted effort to have NPs in particular, among other providers, well represented at all levels.”  As Dr. Marlene Smadu RN, Co-chair, explained, “These levels of framework design included multiple community consultation focus groups, on line forums, and 3 sets of syntegration** meetings.  The aim was to hear appropriate and articulate voices at each table.”

 Persons with experience of chronic disease were also well represented during the PHC redesign planning providing valuable ideas from the consumer perspective.  Most of these persons with experience are also in a therapeutic relationship with an existing PHC team. Harold Miller, Mayor of Cudworth and person with experience, said, “I was so impressed with the leadership shown by the NPs at the syntegration meetings.”

 The PHC Redesign framework will address the determinants of health in all sectors of Saskatchewan society.  This includes government at all levels in all departments, as well as addresses the needs of aboriginal and at risk populations, supporting families, reducing inequities and identifying youth as a priority.  The NPs who participated in developing this framework felt energized by the potential of the framework as a workable plan. This framework will change the way we work and play, and improve our health and our society.

 In September 2011 the framework began review by the core PHC Redesign working group.  After the provincial election in November the plan will be shared and the dream will spread as the PHC Redesign framework rolls out.  A special presentation about the PHC redesign will occur during the Saskatchewan NP Education Day 2012.  Smadu glowed as she said, “This is the beginning of PHC Redesign.  NPs and Clinical Nurse Specialists need to be ready to enact it.” She adds, “The difference between an idea and an innovation is action!”

 Well done NPs! Thank you to all the NPs that represented us in this Saskatchewan wide innovative project! NPs participating in this initiative include but are not limited to Peggy Gwillim, Joyce Bruce, Debbie Bathgate, Lynn Digney Davis, Kelly Lang, Maureen Klenk, Linda Barlow, and Connie Lee.

 **Note: “Syntegration is a sophisticated and very powerful group method that greatly accelerates collective intelligence, alignment, and stronger relationships. Syntegrations turn groups of people into highly effective "special purpose networks" that integrate their combined knowledge, experience and expertise to generate their most enlightened thinking on important, complex challenges.”  Definition retrieved October 8, 2011 from http://www.syntegritygroup.com/Syntegration.aspx.