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NPs influence Providers and Government to Advance Interprofessional Collaboration

By Debbie Bathgate RN(NP)

Nurse Practitioners (NP's) are using every opportunity to help Saskatchewan again become a leader in healthcare reform. NP's can be found on local, municipal, and provincial committees. NP's are selling their plan to government and providers alike. This plan to redesign healthcare is simply to move resources upstream, using multidisciplinary collaborative Primary Health Care Teams.


 With the expensive lifestyle-induced chronic diseases epidemic and acute care, pharmaceutical and diagnostic costs skyrocketing at a rate which will soon bankrupt Saskatchewan and Canada, resources must be placed into Primary Health Care, which will promote health, prevent illness, and protect from injury. Nurse practitioners believe that multidisciplinary collaborative primary health care teams are the answer.

 Forty years ago, access to healthcare depended on your wealth. Tommy Douglas led Saskatchewan to model equitable healthcare through our provincial medicare. In the original medicare plan, was embedded future expansion of primary healthcare, which Tommy Douglas expected to roll out as soon as medicare became mainstream. The Saskatchewan Association of Nurse Practitioners are among the proponents of supporting sustainable healthcare/medicare by implementing multidisciplinary collaborative primary health care teams now. (please embed link to SANP position statement)

 Interdisciplinary collaborative teams contribute to sustainable healthcare by supporting and improving the social determinants of health. The medical model of care using physician focused clinics, while competent in illness care, does not appropriately address the determinants of health as advocated by the principles of primary health care. However, interdisciplinary collaborative teams which include the community, can make upstream improvements in the health of the population.

 In the past few months, NP's have spoken out for collaborative teams to the public, health care providers and government. These include the Minister of Health, the Deputy Minister of Health, Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) leaders, public meetings, the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan annual general meeting, Saskatchewan Association of Registered Nurses (SRNA) annual general meeting, Saskatchewan Medical Association representatives, Canadian Nurses Association, Canadian Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, and other leaders in SK and Canada. Nurse practitioners will continue to speak out for sustainable healthcare through interprofessional collaboration echoing these well known health care leaders who recorded  their views on Youtube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V5w6VUlcds&feature=youtu.be.  Invest in a healthier Canada.